Blitz CLA 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell EFRA 4087(0.7mm)

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This is Blitz CLA 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell EFRA 4087 (0.7mm).

The CLA is Blitz’s latest 1/10th Touring car body shell and is about to hit a track near you!
A fundamental feature of the CLA design is the air channel that’s designed to direct airflow along the center of the body – from the roof to the rear trunk. This helps to increase stability especially when traveling through high-speed sections of the track. However, in lower-speed corners, it allows the body not to bog down and thereby increasing corner speed.
In addition, the CLA’s rear wing tower moves the location more outside to align with the body tower, it will reinforce the rear wing mount and minimize flex in this critical area, especially on the light version of this body.
The CLA body design complied with IFMAR GBS rules. It has also been homologated by EFRA with approval number EFRA 4087.
CLA body is available in both standard 0.7mm and light weight 0.5mm versions and comes with a light decal, window mask and wing mounting screw set.

Note: TCN Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted. Body-Shell EFRA Homologated with EFRA 4087