ProTek R/C "TruGrip" Light Traction Tire Compound (4oz)

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This is a 4 ounce bottle of ProTek R/C "TruGrip" Light Traction Tire Compound. There is no such thing as too much grip and ProTek R/C is here to provide it with their specially formulated TruGrip line of tire traction compounds. Available in three different compounds to suit a variety of conditions, TruGrip has you covered with their Light, Medium and Maximum compounds for you to choose from. For on-road, off-road, rubber or foam tires, TruGrip is the sauce for your winning recipe.

The ProTek R/C TruGrip Light Compound is ideal for mild applications when a slight increase in traction is desired. It is a great solution for hard, fast tracks and hotter outdoor ambient temperatures; great for loose, dusty and sandy conditions. The Light compound is the least "potent" of the three compounds.

Note: Compound may not ship internationally due to USPS and UPS shipping restriction.

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